Palm Readings

Palmistry has been around for centuries. And is one of the oldest arts, it tells about yourself, your personality traits and.. you future! Yes the lines in your palms can actually inform us on things that have yet to come.

Past Life Readings

Past Lives are connected to your spiritual soul and body, have you ever felt like you were out of place in your own life or had that feeling of Dejavu, too many times.

Positive or negative actions from past lives can have an effect on the life you're in now.

A past life reading is able to inform you of the certain energies that are still lingering from your past lives. These energies can carry positive or negative energies and actions. The negatives are what cause obstacles in your present life and sometimes do not allow you to receive the positive energy & gifts that were earned in your past life (or lives). Unblocking this energy can help you start to live the life that you desire and deserve!

This reading must be scheduled in advance. Information needed for this reading varies per person. Prices depending upon how many lives you wish to explore! Please call for more information.

Chakra Balancing &Evaluations

This evaluation takes a look at what is your Spiritual Immune System. Your chakras are spiritual magnets that connect you to the positve elements of your life.When evaluating your chakras, we sometimes find that there are either blockages, imbalances, or that they are not turning correctly.

When the evaluation is complete we will know which particular chakras need unblocking
or balancing.

                     Tarot Card readings

Take a look at your past, present & future.

A tarot card reading will advise you on all affairs of your life and direction in certain situations you are in and also allowing you to see new options
and ones you thought were no longer there. The energy of the tarot also allows you to travel in anyones life that is connected to you. You are able to receive answers to ALL of your questions.. and more!

For this service all that is needed is your full name, birth date and voice communication, that will provide the energy for reading. Get answers to all your questions now! Please book your appointment below or email me for more information on this service.

Spiritual Energy evaluations

A Spiritual Energy Evaluation is an overall look at your aura, chakras and outside energies that are affecting you. This evaluation is very different one from others; it has more of an insight into the spiritual energy that circles the body.

Our spiritual energy is connected to everything we do and have in life. It is what separates us and gives us our individuality. Common symptoms of any spiritual problems are failure to communicate with others, feeling inadequate and lack of energy, etc.

This evaluation allows me to see any negative energy that is connecting to you and causing these difficulties. In order to remove any that is found, one will start a series of spiritual meditations and crystal therapy. Benefits of clearing away the negative energy will allow you to live a more centered and productive life.